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New version 2.2 released ! ffmpeg D*vX is now renamed FFusion.
- Experimental Post-processing Filter (same as MPlayer)

- Updated libavcodec

FFusion 2.2

Alternative open source DivX Codec. Can play MS-MPEG4v1, MS-MPEG4v2, DivX 3.11 alpha, DivX 4 (aka OpenDivX), DivX 5, 3ivx (Delta 4 and later) and XVID. Based on ffmpeg libavcodec 0.4.6.

Optimized for G4 and PowerPC processors! IMPORTANT NOTE : no longer includes Avi2Mov which didn't convert correctly DivX 4/5/XVID files.

I suggest you use DivX Doctor to convert your avi files into .mov.

Download now (3.9 MB)

FFusion 2.2 Source Code

FFusion is released under GNU GPL License so you can get the source code of the codec and libavcodec library, distributed under LGPL. The codec is written in C and compiled with ProjectBuilder (gcc 3.x).

Download source code (tar.bz2) (2.3 MB)


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